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INSIDeR is a product line which redefines quality of compliance risk management for publicly traded companies and financial institutions under the European Securities laws, including measures like Market Abuse Directive, Transparency Directive, and MiFID.

Issuer Edition

A special-purpose solution for listed companies to maintain lists of insiders, ensure control of inside information, prevent illegal insider trading and apply effective compliance procedures and controls.
  • Avoid leakages of inside information 
  • Prevent illegal insider trading 
  • Simplify and increase the quality of compliance procedures and controls 
  • Protect your company, managers and employees against risks of Market Abuse regime 
  • Make sure that investors can trust your company

Professional Edition

A complete internal compliance procedures and records management solution designed to meet the most challenging requirements on organizational governance of MiFID firms.
  • Bring your organizational and compliance procedures in line with MiFID
  • Multiply the efficiency, effectiveness, and quality of your compliance risk management
  • Make compliance procedures, checks, and controls simple and convenient to follow for everyone
  • Provide true protection against the risks of unintentional compliance failures by managers and employees

INSIDeR On-Demand

Choose a suitable edition and get the full functionality up and running fast without your internal IT costs.
  • Easy and fast setup within couple of days
  • Good performance and highly secure hosting
  • No investment needed to hardware and software licenses
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"It takes forever to learn the rules and once you've learned them they change again"

Murphy's Law
"We will use our resources to tackle cases of market abuse that pose a threat to confidence in the UK's financial markets"

Howard Davies, FSA UK