Compliance Training

People responsible for governance, risk and compliance are playing an increasingly important role in helping to protect the reputation of your company and save your employees and managers from costly risks of compliance failures. It is therefore critical them to be adequately trained and skilled in regulatory and practical aspects regarding the Market Abuse regime.

We will be able to assist you by making sure that your compliance professionals know everything what is needed to build up and maintain proper and effective insider list management, anti market abuse systems and controls in your organization.

In addition to that we will be able to assist you with developing tailored Market Abuse and insider policy related internal training programmes for employees and managers. Variety of available learning style formats (on site, e-learning and webcasts) will help to increase the efficiency of the learning process and ensure the necessary quality of internal awareness.

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"It takes forever to learn the rules and once you've learned them they change again"

Murphy's Law
"We will use our resources to tackle cases of market abuse that pose a threat to confidence in the UK's financial markets"

Howard Davies, FSA UK