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Implementing Measures under the Market Abuse Regulation – Publication of Responses / Martin


ESMA has today published responses to its Discussion Paper on possible implementing measures under the Market Abuse Regulation.

Stakeholders where invited to comment by 27.01.2014 ESMA’s orientations on possible implementing measures that will be of fundamental importance for the new Market Abuse framework (see earlier post).

In total 44 responses were provided by wide variety of stakeholders and associations. Contributions from compliance industry and professionals were provided by CSA Partners and Working Group of Hungarian Compliance Professionals.

ESMA will consider the feedback to the consultation within Q1 2014. ESMA will prepare consultation papers upon input of both its draft technical standards and technical advice to the Commission.

ESMA expects to further publicly consult on the draft technical advice on delegated acts in spring 2014 before submitting it to the Commission within the requested deadline.

In addition, ESMA will conduct an open public consultation before submitting its technical standards to the Commission. The date of publication of such consultation and commenting period will depend on the date of publication of the level 1 text (Market Abuse Regulation and Directive on Criminal Sanctions for Market Abuse) on the OJ.

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