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FSA Market Watch, Issue No 37 / Ahto


The UKA FSA has published the September 2010 edition (Issue No. 37) of its Market Watch newsletter. The newsletter deals with leaks of inside information.

During the past two years, the FSA conducted various intensive enquiries into disclosures of inside information to the media prior to certain announcements.

The aim of these enquiries was to identify suspicious contact between insiders to a corporate transaction and the media and included discussions with regulated firms as to their policies governing such contacts. In addition, the FSA continued its thematic work assessing regulated firms’ systems and controls on handling leaks.

The newsletter introduces the background and sets out the main findings on both work streams. It also contains a list of best practice recommendations in connection with contact with the media where the FSA believes improvement is necessary.

The FSA will continue to monitor for leaks of inside information. If no improvement is noticed in the level of leakage within the markets, the FSA is prepared to consider rule changes. However, it will also take action where it considers that unacceptable practices have occurred or existing systems and controls requirements applying to regulated firms and issuers have been breached.

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